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Butt Board at Speed
Yeah. It kinda feels like that:
Steve Maslanka shot this from the back of a motorcycle. He submitted the photo with this explanation:
"The riders are Mark Johnson and Rian James and they are at Calero, a spot in rural San Jose, Calif. Johnson is on a buttboard and James is on a luge. About 30-seconds later James cut to the inside while trying to pass, and bumped Johnson off the road. He got hurt, but was able to drive home and was on his feet, no problem."



Dateline, 2008


7 Year Itch

Buttboarding.com turns seven.
We've always been dedicated to promoting the sport. A Google search these days shows the mission is suceeding and riders are sharing the stoke.

You'll notice a redesign in progress. Browser specs have changed quite a bit, and we no longer need to target 640x480 windows over dial-up. So look forward to bigger and better photos. And perhaps a few other treats!

Build Your Own and Ride Safely
We've added two AWESOME new sections on the left navigation. These should help new riders get started without everyone having to answer the same questions on the message boards.

Racing Champions.
You also noticed we're focusing less on competition and more on grass roots. It's not that we don't love our champions, but we found more people interested in getting started than in racing results. Nevertheless, you can still pay homage to the greats at our Legends page. If you know someone who's worthy, check out the way to "Get Listed."

Cover Girls.
We've had a "Buttboarding Babes" theme going on the front page. Obviously we always welcome babe photos, but send us an epic riding shot and we'll feature it here or in the Gallery.

Check Previous News if you haven't visited in since 2007.





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Drop us a line if you've ridden this board or remember it's origin.

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