Dave Auld's excellent site relating his adventures as both Street Luger and Buttboarder. Great pics and stories.
Buttboarding Pictures
1999 Hot Heels
2000 Hot Heels
2001 Hot Heels

Kent takes the best pictures. He's a professional photographer and retired luger. He's also taken the Buttboard for a whirl and owns one of the orignal Lott 7. His whole site is sprinkled with cool Buttboard shots. Here's one example from dozens:
Hot Heels Carousel

Chris McBride

Chris is an avid Buttboard and Street Luge racer. He has an amazing photo collection of Buttboards.
Buttboards from around the world
West LA College
Barret Junction

A Skateluge is Tim Novak's version of Sitdown Skateboarding fun. Tim also makes pegless luges and his sells even own Buttboard!
HAE's Buttboard

Tod O'Neill has his own cartoon mascot and everything. Various sports including Buttboarding.
Getting Started

Sherm's Gravity Photo Album

Officer Stebbins is a street luge racer. He takes and posts pictures from events and got his kids into buttboarding.
Barret 10-28-2001
Barret 05-2001

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