How Do I Get Listed in Legends?

You get a Legends Listing in when you have a notable buttboard racing result. Beginning in 2002 you must at least podium (1st-3rd) in a race with 12+ racers. The race doesn't need to offer prize money, but must be open to all participants. You will also be listed if you make the finals at a World Championship (32+).

Since some organizers split classes into Jr., Amatuer, Pro, etc. the cummulative number of unique participants is what counts.

Once you are listed in Legends, podiums for Micro events (< 12 racers) may be added to your profiile.

When you retire, you will be moved to the Legends [Retired] page. Retirement status may be declared or through inactivity.

Top listing is best and rank is determined by lifetime achievement. Once in the list you can move up through additional racing results. Significant results are added to your Profile.

If you hold an event with 12 or more riders, please send pictures and complete results, and we will list the event and winners on the site. The Champion and event gets listed on the main page.

Even if you are just out riding with a small group of friends, send us some good pictures and we will add you to the Gallery

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