Previous Babes

These are our previous cover models. We just can't bear to let them go completely.

Babbling Buttboarding Babes:

Proving intelligence is hereditary, the Gilder twins figure out the right and wrong way to ride a skateboard quickly.

Braking Buttboarding Babe

Ashleigh Cayer rode a new Calvinator board at the first GSI race in New Hampshire. She took it slow and easy, and showed the hill some respect. Ashley took home the Junior Gold for her efforts.

Buttboarding Baby

To some, "it's a min-luge for babies." For others, it's just another skateboard. But for us, it's simply about sharing joy.

Barking Buttboarding Babe

Amber loves to roll around in the grass with her Lott Classic. But she had to stay home when Chris and Jo Beard traveled to Wales, putting on the Traws Round Robin.

Bookbound Buttboarding Babe

Pamela Zoolalian graces the first page in a new book about Street Luge. Kent Kochheiser supplied the pictures and Buttboarding gets a peice of the spotlight.

Bainbridge Buttboarding Babe

Miss Festival of Leaves tries Chaput's deck out backwards (at least she got "head side up" correct.) Bainbrige Ohio featured the latest in Buttboard wet track racing. We found this appropriate Cover Girl hiding in McBride's Fashion Show.

Bare Naked Buttboarding Babe

Chris Chaput's Daughter Nicole. She first appeared on a parody Chris did of an early design for this site.

Busty Buttboarding Babes

These lovely ladies even earned a spot on the Events Page.

British Buttboarding Babe

Jo Beard appeared on the debut of this site. She and her husband Chris organize the "Highland Wheels Extreme" Championships in Scotland.

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