Bainbridge Ohio, October 2001
Based on a report by Chris McBride

IGSA Ohio Grand Prix

(photo by of Amanda Nau )
Andy Lally leads Mark Johnson around a wet track in Bainbridge Ohio. Tom Mason (in white) and John Fryer follow in this semi final round.

Nine riders registered for the competition. Saturday provided variable Ohio weather, where most of the racers practiced only Luge. However, Mark Johnson (Utah World Cup Silver Medalist) took the opportunity to practice wet and dry runs.

Interestingly, the riders entered in the Buttboard competition took all the top qualifying times in Street Luge.

Weather delays prevented the planned time trail qualifying runs. Instead a pea pick system was used. One of the racers dropped out as it was raining again on Sunday and he had loaned his Buttboard trucks to a Street Luger. That left an even 8 riders for the 4 man format.

First heat was organizer Rusty Riley, Chris McBride, Brian Kiggins, and Bob Swartz.While the rain had stopped, the road was still wet. There was slipping and sliding, and Rusty Riley wiped out in the first turn. Kiggins and McBride advanced.

The other heat featured legends Tom Mason and Mark Johnson, while Andy Lally and John Fryer made their Buttboard racing debuts. Beginner's luck prevailed, as the two debutantes transfered, and the "Legends" hauled their sad, wet leathers into a consolation round.

The final highlighted John Fryer's Hair Trigger. He DQ'd on the Startline (Hey John, get that thing fixed.) Chris McBride took a freight train ride straight to Hayville, population 1. He was uninjured and finished 3rd. Andy Lally, who started riding in August (only 2 months!) was described as:

"having a fairly unique style of getting though the corners. He throws as many body parts onto the ground as possible, and once through the turn, climbs back on and continues."

And on this day, AMAZINGLY, Lally continued all the way to top tier on the winner's platform. Brain Kiggins took 2nd.

1st - Andy Lally

2nd - Brian Kiggins

3rd - Chris McBride

4th - John Fryer

5th - Mark Johnson

6th - Tom Mason

7th - Bob Swartz

8th - Rusty Riley

Darren Lott ©2001