Barret Junction CA, May 2001

Racers left to right: Dave Rogers, John Rogers, Bob Ozman, Brian Kiggins, Pat Moody, Earl Ross, Scott Peer, Rob Rhuman, and Mark Johnson.
(photos and facts from Dave Auld. For more pics and his description of the entire event, see )

Chris Chaput was so far ahead by turn 1, he was actually competing in another event up in Morrow Bay. (Joke referring to a previous race).

Corresponding events and commitments kept the field a bit smaller, but not the talent pool. #1 ranked Dave Rogers faced a pack of X Games,Gravity Games, and Hot Heels Street Luge Gold Medalists, not to mention a few dedicated Buttboarding legends.

The heats were tighter than ever before and the final was decided by inches!

Dave Auld lamented missing the finish line shot, "I couldn't get the camera to respond fast enough and you could have thrown a blanket over the entire pack!"

1st - Bob Ozman

2nd - Dave Rogers

3rd - John Rogers

4th - Pat Moody

5th - Rob Rhuman

6th - Mark Johnson

7th - Brian Kiggins

8th - Earle Ross

9th - Scott Peer

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Darren Lott ©2001