Barret Junction CA, October 2000

This was the second Barrett Junction Butboard event. The top riders from the first event returned, plus a few pros new to the course.

The FINAL was staged as a 6 man. The road is too narrow for 6 across, so the top 3 fastest riders took a front row, with the slower 3 forming a second row.

Chris Chaput (right, leading in white) started in the SECOND ROW! He shot ahead of all the riders. Just look at the HUGE LEAD he had going into the first left. AMAZING!

It wasn't until the second hairpin that Dave Rogers and Darren Lott hunted down and passed the 'newbie' Chaput. By the end of the course, the 3 other experienced riders would as well.


After passing Chris, Darren pulled inside, drafted and then passed Dave Rogers. Dave tried to pull a redraft, and was foiled only in the last few feet of the course. Very exciting!

1. Darren Lott 

2. Dave Rogers 

3. Bob Ozman 

4. John Rogers 

5. Dave Auld 

6. Chris Chaput 

Darren Lott ©2001