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All About Randal: For his 40th birthday, Randal received one of the "Intitial 7" Lott Classics. Instead of display,Randal prepared it to race. Randal Trucks have revolutionized Standup, Luge, and now Buttboarding.

Randal Fuller shreds at the PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) parking lot hours after receiving his first board. The is where the computer GUI and Randal's personal racing career were born.

Next stop was John Reed's driveway which serves as the current LSRC (Laydown Skateboard Research Center.) Randal was immediately fast and suprisingly aggressive.

Most suprized were the Germans. Randal showed up only months later to take a semi final spot from Hot Heels riders with a decade of experience. Buttboard is a thinking man's sport! (photo by
Darren Lott ©2000