Ou Kaaps, South Africa Nov 30th 2003

Reported by "justzoos" on the Silverfishlongboarding.com forum. Photo by <Photographer>

I went to the Ou Kaaps se weg and the hot heels race here in South Africa, thats the first time since redbull 2001 and even then did not pay much attention to anything but standup. This time round I got into it. At the races they have gravity bikes, inline, buttboarding,luge and standup. They are all insane and u got to take your hat off to anyone doing it. Standup is my favourite and as soon as I organise some leathers I am entering. When I arrived and made my way up the hill the buttboarders were on there way down dont get me wrong luging looks insane and all but buttboarding just seems so much more raw and insane...


...Considering that most luges sit inside the luge were as buttboarding your on basically a long out of shape downhill board with nothing but u lying on the board. I went out one night to go bomb a hill and after a few sessions I took my speedboard and gave buttboarding a go it was damn classic luckly it was a mellow hill cause buttboarding is a whole lot different.

Pro Buttboard

1st Place- Leander Lacey

2nd Place- Benni Weber

3rd Place- Bassi Haller

4th Place- Waldo Swiegelaar
5th Place- Richard Knaggs
6th Place- Keneth Breukel
7th Place- Michael Swart
8th Place- Simon Portlock
9th Place- Eugen Forschner
10th Place- Peter Nilson
11th Place- Simon White
12th Place- Alexander Von Glassow
13th Place- Derek Crawford

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