Fire on the Mountain, Ansted WV Sept 6th 2003

Reported by Darren Lott. Photo by ACE Adventure.

I was sure I had done a report on this event. But when I check it had text and pictures from a Birthday Bash instead.

Probably I was bitter about missing the podium and trashed all evidence of what happened - you know how I am ;>

We do have this great picture from rafting the next day. The river was in unbelievable wild shape and even the guides we're amped. The expressions are priceless.

Look at Fryer in the front left,

John, "Yeah, I won. The Pro Race baby. And I'm a fine looking gentlemen too. I wonder if they'll put me on the poster next year?"

Riichard (upper right) "They say I have difficulty paying attention."

Pro Buttboard

1st Place- John Fryer

2nd Place- John Rogers

3rd Place- Dave Rogers

4th Place- Darren Lott

5th Place- Rian James

6th Place- Pat Moody

7th Place- Richard Hodkinson

8th Place- Sean Clarke

9th Place- Kyle Cayer

10th Place- Jeff Schonzeit

Am Buttboard

1st Place- Roland Morrison

2nd Place- Victor Schumacher

3rd Place- Tony Mistratta

Junior Buttboard

1st Place- Ashleigh Cayer

Darren Lott ©2003