Madison County Gravity Fest IV, Munnsville NY August 10th 2003

Reported by<anonymouns>. Photos by <photographer>


The course is long, perhaps between one and two miles, not that steep, but long straights, with top speeds of 60mph. Long straight (?1/4 mile?) into a sweeping right, a short straigt (200 yards, perhaps) then turn two, a wide braking left-hander with suspect camber, and after a long long undulating straight, a dive into "Crash Corner" a sharp right corner with decreasing radius turning into an immediate wide but significant left hander, with a gentle slope down to the finish 1-200 yards further down.

Pro Buttboard

1. Pat Moody

2. Dave Rogers

3. Jeff Schonzeit

4. Kyle Cayer

5. Sean Clarke

6. Beagle Jarvis

7. Eric Eisenberg

Am Buttboard

1. Roland Morrison

2. Abdil Mahdzan

Jr. Buttboard

1. Ashleigh Cayer

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