West LA College #2, California May 2002

Reported by Scott Peer

Race 2 of the 2002 California Championship gravity racing series had a another small field overall, and started off with drizzle and wet pavement. But eventually the sun came out, and the racers had some tight racing on the new course, which has 3 turns and is slightly longer than the layout used previously.


Classic luge (buttboard) produced one of the more bizarre races in memory. The format was a 3 run points race. In the first run, Jason took the lead start to finish, but after dropping some speed in turn 3 threw in a couple paddles to try to up his speed, which is against the rules, and so he was DQ's. Run 2 was similar to run 1, but Jason kept his hands on the board for the win. In run 3, the deciding run, Jason had the lead into turn 3, butpinched the line and skidded off most of his speed. As the finish line approached, he cut across the track, and Scott's line, at which point Scott hooked up with him, and Jason's feet crossed the line in front. But the officials ruled that Jason had blocked, and so Scott ended up winning the race without ever crossing the line first!

Classic Luge

1. Scott Peer

2.Jason Johnson


Darren Lott ©2002