West LA College Regional, Los Angeles CA December 2001

Reported by Darren Lott

This race was previously covered in Dave Auld's site. Group picture courtesy of Dave.

The final came down to four guys: Dave Rogers, Chris Chaput, Darren Lott, and Dave Rogers.

Chris was #2 qualifier and not by mistake. He was flying all day long.

The biggest surprise was 6 year old Chase Orta. Not only did he bomb this first run with no brakes, he then dropped himself into the adult competiton, starting behind and passing. "I coulda beat more guys," he later noted.

Chaput led the finals, 1st place into the last turn. But as often happens at West LA, everything changes in that final turn

Deanna Rhuman caught the action on film (thanks Deanna).

Chris took a controlled outside line, opting for traction. John Rogers was WAY HOT cutting inside Chaput, followed by Lott. Trophy case already full, brother Dave was content to hang off the back.

That's when John hit a rut and came off. Rapidly collected by Lott and then shoved into Chaput. Wad Fest!

Of course Dave, the luckiest rider in the world (probably the most skilled also - but certainly the luckiest), just cruised around the wad and into another first place. Disgusting.

Chaput pulled of a skilled recovery to glide into 2nd, while Darren paddled across in 3rd.

The cheese stands alone.

1st -
Chase Orta
Wad Boys
1st -
Dave Rogers
2nd - Chris Chaput
3rd - Darren Lott
4th - John Rogers

Darren Lott ©2002