South African Nationals, Cape Town October 2001

South Africa held its first National Race as part of the IGSA World Cup Series. Buttboarding was joined by Luge, Inline, Gravity Bike and Standup for a combination of about 60 competitiors. There was a solid collection of around 200 spectators and Newspaper Reporters. A definite hit in the South African scene!



The race was organized by Garry Kleinhans from Outerkom Surf Shop. The "Blackhill" course is around 1.7 km long. There is a reasonable fast begining section which levels out in the middle and then drops off again for the finish. There are three sweeping turns on the fairly wide road, which do not require braking.

Top speed is estimated to be just under 100 kph.

The road surface is reasonably smooth and the strategy seemed to pivot on getting out front, taking the perfect line and being aero, or tucking in and drafting.


With eight competitiors and four man single eliminations, the racing went quickly. Leander Lacey jumped out front and used his "luging aerodynamics" to run away in all his heats. It was his first time Buttboard racing, although he started riding for fun when he was 9, and he also won the luge event.

Leander reports:

All in all it was a great day of racing, and very exciting indeed. There were loads of spectators and lots of skaters from all over SA. The weather was dubious, and at one stage the rain came down hard for a few moments. Luckily it did not affect the racing at all, there were just a few crashes in the stopping area which added a bit more excitement for the crowd.

From what I have felt I am gong to love Buttboarding and cant wait to give Hot Heels a try.


Buttboard Open
1st -
Leander Lacey

2nd - Gustav Stutterheim

3rd - Stuart Bradburn

4th - Matthew Bartlett

5th - Richard Knaggs
6th - Tyrone Giogiades
7th - James Louw
8th - Michael Swart

Buttboard under 16
1st - Donovan Coetzee
2nd - Theo Makapela
3rd - Dylan Moore
4th - Christopher Winduagel

Darren Lott ©2001