Redondo Beach, California, June 2001

 Busty Buttboarding Babes take it poolside in Redondo Beach

OK. Purists might be correct that this isn't a legitimate race, "Micro" or otherwise. However, it certainly was a competiton involving buttboards, and one sure to please the specatators. (Plus, how could we not use these pictures?)

Kristen (left) actually owns her own buttboard, skillfully crafted by Pat Moody in the Rogers Bros style. It seemed like a good time to get a "Gallery" Shot.

What started as a Photo Op during a birthday party, ended with three beauties on buttboards, each with her own idea of who would be the winner.

Carefull photo analysis reveals the results.

Finals in the "Moody Mai Tai Classic" (pictured left to right): Charissa Shaw was DQ'd for abandoning her drink, Keri Cornwell was discovered to be drinking a Pina Colada, and Kristen "Tall Girl" Zukley won by a foot.

Organizer Pat Moody required mandatory "Identifaction Leis" and short "Safety Skirts" to participate.

1st - Kristen "Tall Girl" Zukley

2nd - Keri Cornwell

3rd - Charissa Shaw

Darren Lott ©2001