Welgemoed Run, South Africa, May 2001

Red Bull DHX has left a legacy in South Africa. Buttboarding has not yet been featured in DHX, but it's sure to as it grows into a local sport.

(photos and run desription from www.DHX.Homestead.com Also check out the site for a few more pics and a nice little movie of the course.)

The DHX Homestead site appears to center around In-Line, which has been an excellent breeding ground for Buttboarding events (the West LA College series started as In Line specific events).

Their Webmaster describes the Welgemoed Course:

"A gnarly little 700m strip with a traffic circle slap bang in the middle of it. A zippy course including just enough twists and turns to leave a few riders legless. With plenty of bails, strategically placed along the side of the road to cover sign posts and electrical distribution boxes, the course was all set for the onslaught of  the eager participants."

Michael Zietsman wrote to notify us of the event and also provided the more comprehensive results from memory.

1st - Gustav Stutterheim

2nd - Stuart Bradburn

3rd - James Louw

4th - Michael Zietsman

5th - Abel Manyetella

6th - Theo

Darren Lott ©2001