West LA College California, November 1999

Excerpt Posted by Scott Peer:
Gravity Racers Association (GRA) 1999 Series Race 2 Results
West LA College on Sunday, November 21, 1999

The second race in the Gravity Racers Association (GRA)/Westwood Sports Club 1999 series was held at West LA College in Culver City, California on Sunday, November 21 under clear skies. This was a multi-sport event, with skateboard, buttboard, gravity bike, and inline races. Inline skaters were the smallest field, and skateboard had the largest field. Buttboard had the most competitivegroup of racers, including the world speed record holder, European champion, and five X Games street luge medalists.
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Looking at this picture of the adapted course, you can count ten racers in a very tight pack. The format was to drop the slowest rider. Ozman leads this early pack.

(photos by Arlene Cline)

Just about every heat ended with the top 4 finishers overlapped like this. The transfer for the top 4 was so close it was decided to let Bob Ozman stay in and run a final four.

Decided by inches, the final results were as follows:

1.David Rogers
2. Bob Ozman
3. Darren Lott
4. John Rogers
5. Rob Ruhman
6. Jarret Ewanek
7. David Auld
8. Mike Pickens
9.Scott Peer
1.Ryan Logan (Junior Buttboard)

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