Ansted, West Virginia, October 1999

Embarassingly little was recorded about this event. If you have info or pictures, please submit them so we can give proper credit.

Matt "Catfish" Richards watched the 1998 NSLA Buttboard demo and decided it was the sport for him.. He gave Darren Lott a set of his (soon to be illegal) visor mirrors and Darren gifted him "one of the 7" original Lott Classics.

Catfish quickly made his own copy, but out of vacuumed layers which weighed about half as much. He is pictured (left) with that board, on which he made the Quarter Finals at Hot Heels in 1999.

Catfish was the only American present not on a real Lott Classic, and the only American not to make the Semis. He was even snubbed in the group "Lott Classics Only" picture.

So he was determined to have his revenge.

photo by Dave Auld

Five months later, the last ever NSLA race was held. It featured an NSLA Luge points race, an X Games Qualifier, and a Buttboard demo race.

Matt took TWO of his precious luge practice rounds to master the course on his special vacuu-formed Buttboard.Previous top riders, Darren Lott and Travis Tripp concentrated on Luge, CONFIDENT of their emminant Buttboard wins.

Gerhard Lanz and Oli Tochnig were present, as were Pete Eliot and Jeremy Gilder, but apparently none of the international Hot Heels regulars participated.


All that is recorded is the Matt 'Catfish' Richards took off like a SHOT while Darren and Travis LOLLI-GAGGED with the other participants. When they decided to get serious Catfish was not to be caught, putting in a FLAWLESS RUN down the challanging Ansted course. Finish was:

1. Matt "Catfish' Richards
2. Darren Lott
3. Travis Tripp


Darren Lott ©2000