West LA College, Sept 1999

Featured Right to Left: Tom Mason, John Cazin, Dave Auld, Jarret Ewanek, Darren Lott, Scott Peer, Dan Kinney , Perry Fisser, Brent Cooper, and Dwight Garland on Gravity Bike. Chad Mason and friend lurk in the background.

The event actually took place just outside West LA College on Sophomore Hill.

The race was on a 0.3 mile course, with 4 chicanes and one 90 degree left turn. Each run the last finisher was eliminated. The newest riders (including some riding their first time) were predictably eliminated early, then the heats got really tight.

It was first American Buttboard race to feature prizes! (But no entry fee).

Scott Peer is a world class In-liner who thought of the whole idea, raced, and supplied the hill and prizes (even cold beers for finishers 1 - 6). As the top non-luge pro, he definitely held his own.

The cameraman (in front) mistook old wheel holes for foot rests. On one run he wobbled and ate it ,but managed to savethe camera. (No leathers - ouch!)

Note (above) the amazing lead Tom (far left) and Perryget on the rest of the riders.

The Buttboard race was a Super-Duper Mass start with only the last guy dropping off each run.

Jarret "Dr. GoFast" (Maple Leaf on back) surpised everyone by gutting out a major migrane just to come to watch. As soon as he heard "RACE," he jumped off his death lounge, borrowed a demo board and asked, "Now where do I sit on this thing?" Awesome.

Fun was the prime directive although there were rules for racing. Slingshoting was limited to practice and cutting into the oncoming lane was prohibited for the race. Hitting the cones was subject to DQ. But since none of the infractions affected race results, a substitute penalty was imposed.

Both Perry and Jarret spent a round "On the Moon," a totally crap surface on the start line that no one would be caught dead on, unless it meant staying in for a "second chance" into the next heat.

After 15 practice runs, John Cazin was the first out. He developed a raging headache by the the first race, SLAMMED on the brakes 20 yards short of the finish to let everyone else go by. Later John bought beers and fed half of the competitiors at his beautiful home. So much for sore losers.

Several participants came to play but didn't want to race. Perry Fisser's Nephew had a lot of fun riding around in his uncle's gear. "Look Mom, now I'm the Fizz!"

In-line, Standup, and Gravity bikes rounded out the fun.

It may seem like it was merely a little competition among friends. However, Tom Mason brought the Guinness Book of World Records, Millenium edition and we counted FOUR world record holders at that event: Tom Mason for Street Luge, Dwight Garland for Gravity Bikes, Gary Hardwick for Speedboarding,. And according to Guinness, the "World's Fastest Buttboarder" is Darren Lott. (This is based on the AIS World Speed Record Event in Arizona).

Perry Fisser, Tom Mason, Dave Auld, and Darren Lott competed strongly for the top 4 slots on every single run. In the final 4 man heat, Perry led the pack and sat up at the 90. He endo'd and ground the nose of his board. Darren and Tom passed, and Dave was over lapped across the finish line. But Perry held on for the transfer slot.

Perry ran away with the final 3 man heat, and Tom and Darren battled tightly for the transfer slot. Coming into the 90, Darren passed Tom and broke late. Both riders pitched it out, and Tom carried his slide all the way into the curb! Spectators were impressed with how Tom allowed the brunt of the impact to slam the board he had borrowed from John Cazin, while preserving his (and his own board's) physical integrity.

The final with Darren and Perry was a lesson in Perry's fast pushing and Darren's attempt to draft and brake late. Perry didn't crumble, broke reasonably, and held a flawless turn to victory. Darren made a heroic attempt to take the turn at full speed -no brakes! His huge slide kept him off the curb but killed speed and he cruised in a satisfied second.

Perry Fisser was the big winner that day, primarily due to good skills and a super aggressive push. His first time racing,, he won on a borrowed Lott Classic and promtly bought the board

1 Perry Fisser (Center Top)
2 Darren Lott (Right of Center)
3 Tom Mason (Left of Center)
4 Dave Auld (Far Right)
5 Jarret "Dr. Go Fast" Ewankek (Mid Left)
6 Scott Peer (Far Left)
7 Danny Kinney
8 Brent Cooper
9 John Cazin


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