Mammoth California, August 1999

EDI put on the last series race before the first Gravity Games. Racers from around the world came hoping to qualify for a spot on the televised Street Luge and Speedboarding competions.

However, a few new purists took the time to stage a Buttboarding demo.

(left to right) Randal Fuller, Dave Rogers, Scott Peer, and Darren Lott take a practice run.

(Photos by Arlene Cline)

Darren mixed it up with the luges during practice and even beat some of the slower riders. It was probably a bad idea as EDI has since prohibited Buttboard demos.

John Rogers jumps through the line on a small standup board. "Whoa!! I'm a Butt Board Man!" he clowns.

While Scott Peer quickly changes out of his in-line skates, Marilyn holds his place in line. France's Manu Atuna jealously claims "I want to show my Butt too!"

For the race, it was Randal out of the gate, followed by Dave and Darren. By the end of the first turn, Darren and Dave pulled out ahead for the train ride to the finish.

Manu won the Speedboarding and used the podium to show his butt. He is now called "France-No Pants." Sorry Manu, the cool guys are Buttboarders, not Buttshowers.

1. Darren Lott
2. Dave Rogers
3. Randal Fuller
4. Mike Houston
5. Scott Peer

Darren Lott ©2001